Core Beliefs

To understand us as investors, it’s important to know the core beliefs and values that guide us.

Technology has the power to transform the world.

We believe in technology’s ability to solve problems and disrupt the global landscape — across industries, disciplines, populations, and continents. Whether it’s improving service delivery, democratizing access to resources, simplifying collaboration, or tackling other social challenges, we want to help today’s innovators make a difference. We’re committed to supporting your vision for making society and the world a better place.

Mission-driven founders form the nucleus of a generational company.

We back mission-driven entrepreneurs - those who will stop at nothing to solve a deep pain point that they know well. It’s this passion, even obsession, that can inspire, create, and lead strong teams through all the ups and downs of building an iconic business. We want to work with partners who are ready to go after big things and we're dedicated to helping them turn their vision into reality.

You can build a large company in any location.

While talent and great ideas can exist anywhere, opportunity is not always equally distributed. We aim to help bridge that gap — empowering entrepreneurs in any location to find the opportunities they need to realize their vision and grow successful businesses.

Every entrepreneur deserves a fast, open, and respectful process.

We know that every minute you spend fundraising is one less minute spent building your business. That’s why we strive for a turnaround time of just a few days. We value your time and keep things moving briskly, so you can stay focused.

We can make the greatest impact as a Seed investor.

The seed stage is the most formative time for a startup and often, where you need the most support. This key stage is where we believe we can add the most value — whether it’s helping you with hiring, finding product market fit, building your company culture, or getting your next financing round. We lead or co-lead with an investment of $500k - $1.5m and often back our startups through multiple rounds.

An investor should be your biggest cheerleader and most trusted partner.

We’re committed to building strong relationships with all of our entrepreneurs. That begins with earning your trust — something we strive for from the very first meeting. Our job is to support you and act as your biggest advocate, but we also never shy away from asking the important questions and providing tough feedback when necessary. Having run our own companies, we pass on as much of our operations knowledge as possible to help you build a successful venture. Our ultimate goal is simple: to be the first investor called when a founder needs advice.

We never stop learning.

We will never stop challenging ourselves to be better mentors, attract the right deals, and pick the best opportunities. We’ll always work tirelessly to help our founders be their best selves and make the biggest impact. It’s been our mission from day one.


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