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Entrepreneurial ecosystems: Reflections on Toronto and Silicon Valley

On May 26th, I attended the C2 conference in Montreal, joining my good friend Harley Finkelstein (Shopify), along with Magaly Charbonneau (Password Box), Wesley Chan (Felicis) and Eric Boyko (Stingray) on a panel. The theme was: “Entrepreneurial ecosystem: it takes a village to build a startup”. Harley asked about my experiences…
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Introducing an earlier investment: Volley, a friendly place for helping others

Last October, we made our first investment out of Fund II and are excited to announce this news today as the company launches publicly out of beta. Volley is a friendly place for helping others solve problems online. Volley members can post requests in response to the question, “What are you looking…
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In the on-demand economy, disruption can come from above

Clayton Christensen has written the book on disruption. He’s one of Silicon Valley’s most popular business school professors and we often subscribe to his theory on disruption from below. With his theory “Disruptive Innovation,” Christensen states that “a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of…
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How to keep founders around after an acquisition

Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Twitter…all the top players in Silicon Valley want to get their hands on the best talent around. That’s why we’ve seen example after example of “acqui-hires” in the past few years as well as some very large acquisitions where a big driver was the talent behind a start-up (e.g….
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Can you build “Silicon Valley” companies outside of the Valley?

The big debate among tech circles has always been if it’s possible to build a “Silicon Valley” company outside of the Valley. Is Silicon Valley a physical place or a state of mind? Can upstart ecosystems in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, or Seattle churn out tomorrow’s billion dollar tech companies? Considering…
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