Announcing our investment in Bikky, a data-first customer platform for restaurants

When we first met Abhinav Kapur, we were immediately drawn to his mission to empower restaurants with data-based insights. Years earlier, he had founded Bikky after being inspired by his mother-in-law and the New York City restaurant she’s owned and operated for over 20 years. The secret to her success? She builds and nurtures relationships with her guests.

As a star data analyst, Abhinav started to wonder how all restaurant owners and operators could have the same customer relationships as his mother-in-law, and how technology could help with scale – this is how Bikky was born. Our investment thesis is backing mission-driven founders and Abhinav is as mission-driven as it gets. He sees and feels the problem he’s solving based on his experiences. 

Today, we’re excited to announce our investment in Bikky’s $5.25M seed round alongside Equal Ventures and Gutter Capital. 

Bikky gives restaurants 20/20 vision into their data – who their customers are, what they’re doing and how it impacts their business. This helps restaurants operate more profitably through higher customer retention, frequency, and lifetime value. Bikky aggregates customer data from many disparate and traditionally siloed sources: point of sale, payments, online ordering, loyalty, and reservation data. This unified view makes it easy to see how revenue moves through restaurants so that improvements (menu optimization, promotions, etc.) can be made efficiently.

To date, Bikky works with brands like Eggs Up Grill, 16 Handles, Westville, Boqueria, and 5 Napkin Burger, as well as hundreds of other restaurant locations across the U.S. As such, Bikky fits with our core belief that technology should be used to level the playing field – giving restaurants of all sizes access to their data. 

Is there a market need? Absolutely. Americans spent nearly $1 trillion on food services and drinking places in the last 12 months. Yet most restaurants don’t understand how many diners they serve, how often they return, or their visit / order frequency. Bikky fills this gap by collecting this data and enabling restaurants to make smarter, data-informed improvements for their guests – instead of relying on guesses or opinions.  

Check out Bikky’s website to learn more! As a former data scientist, I can say that Bikky’s product is awesome – just ask for a demo to see for yourself!

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