Q2 2023 Portfolio Review

At the end of Q1, we anticipated that a tech sector slowdown is ideal for “heads down” building without all the distractions of a super bull market. And indeed, Q2 2023 was an incredibly busy quarter in terms of product launches across the Version One family. 

Here are some of the highlights to share before we head into the weekend. Happy Canada Day & Fourth of July!

Replay launched Test Suites, which joins Bug Reports as an entirely new way to capture and fix hard-to-repro bugs – so browser tests don’t have to be so painful! You can read more about Replay for Test Suites on Replay’s blog

Uniswap launched Uniswap v4, which enables powerful new ways to customize liquidity pools by introducing “hooks”. Hooks add entirely new functionality to pools, such as dynamically adjusting fees or creating new order types. You can read more about it on this Twitter thread, and get all the details and sample hooks in Github.

Arweave turned 5 years old last month. Founder Sam Williams shared some reflections on this milestone, including the fact that 860 million pieces of data have been stored. Congratulations and happy birthday to all Arweavers!

Edtech startup Antimatter announced a $2M seed round led by V1, in addition to launching numerous products (activities, courses, iOS, and organizations). Their mission is to build the world’s most valuable peer-to-peer learning network, centered around memes. You can read more about Antimatter in TechCrunch.

Cape Privacy launched CapeChat, which automatically encrypts your documents and redacts any sensitive data. It’s powered by the ChatGPT API, so you get the best language model while preserving your privacy.

Filebase announced the launch of their Startup Program designed to empower startups with free access to enterprise-grad, fully-managed InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) resources. Read more about the Filebase Startup Program on the Filebase blog.

Ether.fi launched Phase 1 of their protocol. At a high level, Phase 1 is mainly delegated staking. They’re also rolling out a loyalty points membership program, and built-in slashing insurance (through Nexus Mutual). You can find more details here.

Jam launched JamGPT, an AI debugging assistant that’s powered by OpenAI and unique bug diagnostic data from Jam. You can identify the bug, receive the code to fix it, and share with your team – all in one link. You’ll never have to search Stack Overflow again!

Last, but definitely not least, Patch had two big launches last quarter. The team announced CarbonOS, the operating system for scaling climate action. And Patch Radius enables companies, consultants, carbon accountants, private equity, etc. to offer a curated climate action platform to other orgs within their “radius” of influence

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