Q4 2023 Portfolio Review

Here we are, a week into the new year, and we hope everyone had a wonderful and warm holiday season. Before we move full steam ahead into 2024, let’s reflect on the past quarter to gather inspiration and momentum from our incredible V1 family.

As always, this news reflects just a snapshot of the activity that can be publicly announced!

NCX launched a Learning Hub to help landowners across the US build an informed land income strategy, steward their family’s land for the next generation and understand what natural capital programs are right for them (timber, carbon, wildlife habitat, renewable energy, water…).

Need banner images for your blog posts? Dabble launched BannerGPT, which reads and understands your blog posts and creates meaningful illustrations to complement your writing. They also crossed 1,000 users!

Patch is partnering with Stripe to accelerate carbon removal by using Climate Orders. With Climate Orders, Patch makes Frontier’s offtake portfolio of permanent carbon removal tech accessible to their customers, adding more options to their broad network of climate action projects. Read more about it here.

And more news from Patch – A huge congratulations to co-founder and CEO Brennan Spellacy for being named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list

Antimatter launched Sorcerer (moved to beta) and the excitement around it has been overwhelming. Sorcerer is an encouraging AI that asks great questions, differentiated for every learner.

Replay can now be integrated into your dev test suite in just a few minutes, and support Cypress, Playwright and more. You can learn more here

Shippo launched a new integration to those with a Walmart marketplace store. Merchants can now connect their Walmart store to Shippo to import orders, purchase labels and send tracking numbers back to Walmart. 

Ether.fi is now a top 100 Ethereum protocol! Founder and CEO Mike Silagadze shared that some really exciting things are in the works, with DeFi integrations and product features to add more value to users.  

Within a week, Dinari broke both $100k and $200k TVL. Dinari issues dShares (1:1 backed #RWAs) so that anyone, anywhere can invest. 

Jam hit 1m debuggable reports this month…65,000+ builders and more than 1 million dev-friendly bug reports. Take a look at their growth chart: 2023 has been pretty incredible.

In November, Flow surpassed 500m transactions and announced an exciting collaboration with Disney, dubbed Disney Pinnacle. Collect digital pins featuring characters from Disney, Pixar and STAR WARS™. 

Happy 5th Birthday, Uniswap! Founder Hayden Adams shared some great milestones from their journey3 protocols, thousands of devs, millions of users, billions of liquidity, and trillions of volume later. Its impact has been mind blowing.

And finally, Lolli closed $8m in Series B funding led by Bitkraft Ventures.

Happy 2024 to all! To stay up to date with the V1 family in real-time this year, follow us on [X].

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