Q3 2023 Portfolio Review

Fall is in the air and we are heading into the last quarter of 2023. But before we look ahead, here’s a quick recap of the key events from the third quarter. There’s a lot of momentum to ride into the new year! 

Funding Announcements and Accolades

We excitedly announced our investment in Dinari, a decentralized stock trading platform. The company raised a $7.5m seed round. You can read our announcement, as well as a detailed look in Bloomberg.

Outreach made the 2023 Cloud 100 list, honoring the top 100 biggest private cloud companies in the world.

Product Launches 

Cape Privacy launched Analytics to give users insight into what sensitive data is being used with multiple LLMs including GPT, Claude, Cohere, Llama, etc. 

Empowered introduced “Financing Accelerator”, an online platform designed to simplify clean energy financing for contractors and revolutionize the way financing is seamlessly integrated into the clean energy sales process. 

Filebase introduced custom domain support for dedicated IPFS gateways. Users can now attach their domain names to their dedicated gateways, bolstering brand consistency and accessibility

Gencove announced Explorer analysis cloud, a transformative approach to genomic data analytics and management. They’re accelerating the journey from samples to solutions and supercharging data science teams. You can read more about it here.

Jam launched Jam Tracing, the first ever screen recorder to incorporate backend logs to give engineers a full debugging picture in a single link. And, this is just one of 14 features that Jam launched in three months!

Peaze released its API, a convenience layer protocol for DeFi. By automating swapping, bridging and gas abstraction, Peaze enables the funding and execution of any transaction with ease. Learn more about using Peaze and its benefits. 

SuperRare officially launched the Rare Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet, introducing a set of groundbreaking smart contracts that could define the future of curation in the evolving Web3 ecosystem. Read all about it here, and you can see how much $RARE is staked

Upcoming Events 

If you’ve been following our updates over the years, you’ll recognize this as a new category. We’re featuring some of the amazing events that will be held across our portfolio in the months ahead.   

Outreach’s Unleash 2023: Seattle, October 3-5

This three-day experience will feel like “a sales kick off meets personal excellence retreat meets president’s club.” Gain insights, best practices and inspiration with keynotes, workshops, community and exclusive experiences. 

Ada Interact: San Francisco, November 14-15

Learn to navigate AI-first customer service from some of the best in AI customer service. The schedule features high-profile keynotes, two different learning tracks (strategic and technical breakdowns), round tables, workshops and plenty of networking opportunities.

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