Announcing our investment in Dinari, a decentralized stock trading platform

We are excited to announce our investment in Dinari’s $7.5m seed round, alongside Third Kind Venture Capital, SPEILLLP, Sancus Ventures, 500 Global, and Balaji Srinivasan. 

The tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) is one of the most interesting use cases for the blockchain, gaining momentum inside both crypto and traditional finance communities. We have seen start-ups going after all sorts of categories, from real estate to mutual funds to art. Having an on-chain record of asset ownership has a number of advantages: it allows 24/7 trading and fractional ownership structures and reduces barriers to entry which all lead to increased liquidity.   

Enter Dinari, the start-up that wants to provide blockchain-backed access to corporate equity. Alongside its seed raise, the company announced the launch of its dShare platform outside of the US. dShares (Dinari Securities Backed Tokens) offer access to securities such as Apple, Google, and Tesla stock. The platform provides transparent blockchain transactions, immutable proof of ownership, the ability to transact with your crypto wallet, composability with other blockchain products, and instant settlement.

By tokenizing publicly traded corporate equity securities, the dShare Platform can enable users outside the US to gain exposure to publicly traded corporate equity securities in a trusted and safe manner. This is significant as a large number of people in countries like Mexico and Thailand own a blockchain wallet, but no brokerage account. Bloomberg has more detail on how the product works and on the regulatory efforts the team has undertaken to be compliant.

Dinari was founded in 2021 by the talented team of Gabe Otte, Jake Timothy and Chas Rampenthal. Gabe was the former founder of Freenome before he switched his attention from bio to crypto.

There are literally trillions of real world assets waiting to be tokenized on the blockchain and we are excited to see Dinari lead the way in the corporate equity category. You can learn more about the company here or by following them on X.

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