Announcing our investment in Manifold

We are very happy to announce our investment in Manifold, the easiest way to find and manage essential developer services. 

Manifold’s value proposition is to give developers a better way to find and manage all the various cloud services that can help them build and scale their applications. Today, you don’t need racks of servers and months of development time to add in ops like databases, email, or debugging. Yet, developers often have to juggle multiple providers and vendor accounts in order to get the right services for their app.

That’s where Manifold comes in. They’re offering an easy way to manage all the cloud services a developer wants to use. They handle the provisioning, billing, account management and more, so developers can spend even more time building great apps. Manifold currently has about a dozen services available right now, with many more coming very soon.

Considering how much the cloud ecosystem is expanding, Manifold is poised to solve a big problem for many developers and buyers of cloud services and we are excited about the potential of the company to create a new marketplace in this area.

In addition, I am thrilled to work again with Jevon MacDonald, Manifold’s CEO and co-founder. I got to invest in Jevon’s previous company, GoInstant, which sold to Salesforce within a year of starting. While GoInstant was a very big success, Jevon wants to go “all the way” this time and has an incredibly vast and exciting vision for Manifold. It’s a true privilege to join Jevon and his team in this journey and we couldn’t be more excited.

P.S.: More on the funding announcement on the Manifold blog.

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