Announcing our investment in Cape Privacy, a privacy platform for collaborative data science and machine learning

Today, one of our newest portfolio companies, Cape Privacy, announced their seed fundraise in conjunction with the public launch of their privacy platform. You can read more details about the launch here. We co-led the seed round with our friends at boldstart ventures with participation from Haystack, Radical, and Faktory Ventures.

Privacy and machine learning are two key themes for a lot of people right now, and Cape Privacy is sitting right at the intersection.

AI has the power to solve really important problems and transform industries like healthcare and finance. However, machine learning requires vast amounts of data – and typically some of the most valuable data (medical records, financial statements, location data, etc.) are also the most sensitive. 

That’s where Cape Privacy comes in. It helps enterprise companies maximize the value of their data by providing an easy-to-use collaboration layer on top of advanced privacy and security technology, helping enterprises increase the breadth of data included in machine learning models. Cape Privacy enables organizations to model and share privacy-enhanced data, while maintaining trust. The platform is flexible, adaptable, and open source.

This marks the second time we’re investing in Gavin Uhma, Cape’s co-founder and CTO. We invested in Gavin’s GoInstant which was sold to Salesforce in 2012 and we’re really happy to have Gavin back running a start-up.

Congratulations to the entire Cape Privacy team. AI has the power to build smarter products and services to advance industries and social good. By helping to manage the complexities of data privacy, you’re driving the future forward and we’re excited to be part of the journey.

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