Announcing our investment in – marketing automation for product-led growth

We’re very excited to announce our investment in, as the company comes out of stealth with a $5M seed round. Inflection is the only marketing automation solution purpose built for B2B product-led companies.

In years past, the B2B customer experience and buying process were owned by sales. If you wanted to buy new software, you talked with a salesperson. But most people don’t want to engage with salespeople – not if they can actually experience the product they’re buying. And thus we’ve seen the rise of product-led companies…companies that rely on the product itself to drive user acquisition, activation and retention.  

Some of today’s most successful B2B companies are product-led. If you use Slack, Figma or Airtable, you probably didn’t read a lengthy whitepaper – you tried out the product and liked it. Yet while more and more companies are embracing a product-led philosophy, marketing tools haven’t kept pace and are geared toward legacy sales-led strategies. 

Inflection is purposefully built to meet the demands of product-led companies, enabling tailored marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle. The team is led by former Bizible and Marketo execs, Dave Rigotti, Aaron Bird, and Vic Davis, who have all seen the challenges that current B2B marketing automation solutions have in pivoting to support the demands of product-led marketing.

The Inflection team started on this journey almost a year and a half ago. In that time, they’ve spoken with over 100 marketing teams at product-led companies and launched the #1 marketing community for product-led growth which now has over 750 members.

We’re also excited to report that Inflection is the first company to come out of Pienza (also a Version One portfolio company). Founded by Bird, Pienza is a B2B start-up studio that plans to launch a small portfolio of B2B software companies.

Congratulations to Aaron, Dave, Vic and the entire Inflection team! 

P.S.: You can request a demo here!

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