Carrie & Danielle – a social media company focused on authentic living

Carrie & Danielle’s vision is to inspire authenticity – understanding who you are, what’s working in your life and what’s not, and turning that understanding into action. The two founder ladies (by the name of Carrie and Danielle, who would have thought?) have been hugely successful in the past few years with their style statement consultations and their Style Statement book (order at AbeBooks or Amazon). Interesting offline media business but what has that to do with consumer internet? Comes in Dan Gibbons who just joined Carrie & Danielle as their new CEO – Dan is not only a serial entrepreneur but also one of the few people that I know who understands technology and media equally well. Under his leadership the company will turn an interesting offline media business into the leading social media company focusing on authentic living. The financing that was announced today will help achieve this vision – building out the website, creating interesting tools and applications and investing in unique content. The investment also shows in my opinion that Vancouver as a location for consumer internet businesses is evolving – it took just 4 weeks to pull together the round, with the money mostly coming from local angels. Congrats Carrie, Danielle and Dan – let’s start building a great social media company!

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