Joining BootUp Labs as an investor and director – Vancouver needs an accelerator!

There has been quite some discussion about recent announcements over at BootUp Labs, including the unfortunate downsizing of the portfolio of the current cohort, but I think that people need to keep in mind that BootUp Labs is a start-up like the start-ups they are financing. Start-ups sometimes don’t get the financing they were hoping for and then need to cut back and make tough decisions, start-ups are a continuous work in progress hitting rough patches from time to time (with potentially negative effects for some of the people involved). But what is most important for the long-term success of a start-up is a strong vision and passionate people and I know for a fact that BootUp Labs has both. That is why I am excited to join BootUp Labs as an investor and director, helping Danny Robinson to take BootUp to the next level. Every city that wants to play an important part in the tech industry needs an incubator / accelerator – companies like Y Combinator, Techstars and BootUp help create new entrepreneurs, attract outside talent and provide dealflow to angels and VC’s. So let’s all work together on making BootUp Labs one of the best of its breed in North-America – excited to be part of it!

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