New investment: brain games with Fitbrains

I have been watching Michael Cole and his Vancouver-based company Fitbrains for almost two years now and am very happy that I finally got the chance to make an investment in them. Fitbrains develops online brain games and exercises based on scientific research which help keep your mind sharp – you might want to call it social gaming with a purpose. The exciting part of the product is that you can really see improvements of your memory and concentration if you regularly use the games to train your brain. The company has so far developed 14 games and a really strong community of regular players is starting to evolve. The social gaming area has seen tremendous growth in the past few years and while Vancouver is a gaming hot-spot I have until now shied away from any investments in this area. But with monetization (subscriptions, virtual goods) and distribution (iPhone apps, Facebook) becoming more and more mature, the investment in Fitbrains comes as a good point in time.

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