So where are the Canadian super-angels?

Everybody talks about the emergence of super-angels and micro VC’s and how they fill an important role in a startup world that has smaller and smaller funding requirements. So when I check Angellist, the most important directory of angels in North-America and Europe, I only find 3 Canadian angels (of a total of 350 registered on the site), two in Vancouver (Danny Robinson and myself) and one in Edmonton (Kevin Swan). So where are all of the other Canadian (super-)angels? Would love to get a complete list together so please leave their names and some of the investments they did down in the comment section. I will then make sure to pull together and publish the complete list and point the AngelList guys to this as well so we get a better representation on the Canada side.


In addition to the comments below I received quite some feed-back via email and the situation in Canada can probably be best described by “many people with money but not many professional angels that can help a startup to a proper Series A round or to profitability”. This is something that will hurt our startup ecosystem a lot over time (even worse than not having enough VC’s as angel investing is even more local business than VC investing is) and needs to be addressed – thoughts on that to follow in a separate post!

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