The Version One Promise to Founders

The venture capital market has become very noisy over the past few years, especially on the early-stage side. Not a day goes by that a new fund isn’t being announced. Entrepreneurs have an increasing amount of financing options – that’s good news, but it also makes it harder to choose the right partners for your journey.

If you find yourself in the fortunate position of picking your investor base, we thought it would be helpful to spell out exactly what you can expect from Version One:

You can count on a fast decision process: We respect our time, and yours. We can usually get back to you within hours to arrange an initial meeting. And in most cases, we make an investment decision in days.

We have conviction: If we like a deal, we are happy to write a term sheet. We don’t need to wait until other investors have committed, and we’re happy to help close the rest of the round if additional money is expected. And, we will never invest a token amount in a round just to have a seat at the table: if we believe in the opportunity, we are all in.

We will be your biggest cheerleader (and can give honest feedback): Our job is to support you and act as your biggest advocate. You can trust that we will always be on your side. At the same time, we will never shy away from asking the important questions, pushing when appropriate, and stepping up to provide tough feedback when needed. 

We will work hard for you: We promise that we will be the hardest-working investor around the table. We also want to be the first investor called when you need advice.

We know who’s running your company: We both have a lot of operational experience (and we’re happy to share our learnings with you!). However, be assured that we will never confuse who is running the company… YOU!

We never stop improving: We will never stop challenging ourselves to be better mentors. That’s why we send out an entrepreneur survey to get important and honest feedback.

With over ten years of investing in more than 60 companies we’ve empowered entrepreneurs to realize their vision and grow successful businesses. We’re committed to building strong relationships with all of our entrepreneurs. If you have a bold vision, we want to hear from you.

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