A shout-out to the Vancouver web community

Communities get built from the ground up, by passionate people that dedicate their time and energy to organize events, mentor young entrepreneurs or blog about what is going on. And I am really proud about what I am seeing in Vancouver right now – some highlights from the past year? Debbie Landa from Dealmaker Media putting on the GROW conference that attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and all over Canada to Vancouver; BootUp launching the Garage, an innovative hackspace that gives members access to great mentors; Startup Digest starting to bring more awareness to the many events that are going on in town on a weekly basis; VEF resurrecting and putting on some really amazing events since the summer. And this is on top of what has already been going on like LaunchParty, Barcamp, Democamp, the Bootup workshops, the media coverage by Techvibes, etc.

You guy rock – thanks to everybody who is helping to build the Vancouver community! Hoping to see even more people stepping up in 2011, we still have along way to go and need every hand to help get there.

(Full disclosure: I am an investor in Techvibes and the Chairman of the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society)

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