Announcing our investment in Firstparty, to make it easy for companies to collect and take action on their customer data

We’re excited to announce our investment in customer analytics and attribution company Firstparty. We co-led the $5.75M seed round with our friends at Fuel Capital.

Firstparty is on a mission to make it easy for companies to collect and take action on their customer data. Anyone involved in customer analytics understands the challenges of keeping up with the rapidly evolving data privacy landscape as it intersects with sales and marketing technology. And things will get a lot trickier as Google sunsets its Universal Analytics next year and Chrome joins Safari and Firefox in no longer supporting cross-site cookie tracking in the browser.

Firstparty provides businesses with a complete view of their customer’s journey, from initial awareness through conversion. They generate first-party cookies on behalf of the brand, allowing for highly segmented, granular, detailed data collection and personalization of the customer experience. And Firstparty’s data collection method will continue to work when third-party cookies are no longer supported.

With Firstparty, a brand can know exactly which marketing effort resulted in a connected phone call or revenue and can build audiences from web activity and offline data.  

FirstParty was founded August 2021 in Jonathan Kressaty and Danielle Morrill, who share deep domain expertise in marketing and developer tools. We first joined forces with Danielle when we invested in Mattermark and we’re thrilled to be able to work with her again.

Firstparty launched its initial event-based analytics product to developers and marketers in October 2021 and announced audience management and conversion attribution in March 2022. Since launch, they have processed millions of events for customers.

You can try Firstparty for free!

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