Announcing our investment in Remio, connecting business teams in VR

We don’t need to tell anyone how much Covid has changed the workplace. The pandemic fast-tracked existing trends in remote work. And even as some companies have returned to the office, there’s little question that distributed work is here to stay. The advantages of distributed teams are compelling – for example, companies can hire talent beyond geographic boundaries and workers get incredible freedom. But, distributed work isn’t great for some critical activities, such as building new relationships and brainstorming sessions.

New immersive technologies like VR are helping to overcome these limitations and Remio is leading the way. Remio provides an all-in-one solution for remote team building in VR, merging game-like features with collaboration tools in one platform. The team recently raised a $4.5 million seed round led by Khosla Ventures along with The Venture Reality Fund, Moai Capital, and Version One.

Remio offers multiple team bonding activities such as Spaceship Escape Rooms, BarVR, and Paintball, in addition to standard VR collaboration tools, such as whiteboards, breakout rooms, and magical presentation rooms. They’ve already seen strong organic growth and an impressive customer list that includes Google, Netflix, Hubspot, Fidelity, Twillio, and Nextdoor.

Remio was founded in 2020 by Jos van der Westhuizen and Derrick van Schalkwyk. We’re so excited to be working with the team to build creative, interactive workspaces in the new era of distributed work.

If you’re interested in learning more about Remio, please visit: or

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