New investment: GoInstant, browser sharing 2.0 (native, instant, social)

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Screen sharing has been around for a while but the underlying technology (and hence the customer experience) has not really changed that much. It is neither instant (you need to download a piece of software) nor native (you usually see a video of another person’s desktop/browser resulting in a slow and “laggy” experience) – and most importantly it is not social or interactive. GoInstant is about to change this and it is the first service that not only allows you to share the web browsing experience, but also to create entirely new experiences together. The product will initially be targeted to sales and customer service groups as GoInstant enables sales people to get the prospect in front of the product and customer support to engage users at the source of trouble, diagnose the problem and demonstrate solutions.

The company was founded by Jevon MacDonald and Gavin Uhma and launched yesterday at Techcrunch Disrupt. Jevon and I go back at least 5-6 years when I was still at AbeBooks and he was very actively involved in StartupNorth. He is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs I know and has helped dozens of fellow entrepreneurs with advice and encouragement over the years. This is his chance to make it big and I am extremely happy to be part of the ride.


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