On the future of healthcare

It has been a while since we’ve written about healthcare.  Our last update was in June 2014 when we shared what we were excited about:  patient-doctor networks and patient health data.  This hasn’t changed but we’ve certainly learned more from the many founders and physicians who we have spoken to over the past year.  We have a deeper understanding of the current system and consequently, see more opportunities to innovate.  But with great possibilities come even more questions on the future of healthcare.

Over the past two years, as co-investors in Figure 1, we have worked closely with Union Square Ventures on developing our investment thesis.  Today, Jonathan Libov of USV and I are excited to share our research:  5000 words on what we’ve seen and what we’re curious about in digital healthcare.  We’ll be publishing it in 4 parts over the course of 4 weeks.  Each week, we will cover a series of questions and answers on the topics of mobile, data, apps, networks and marketplaces.  

You can read our first instalment here: 


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We hope that you’ll find this piece informative and thoughtful, and that it inspires you to join us in our discussion on digital healthcare.

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