Time to focus more on content aggregation than content creation?

The past few years have seen an incredible explosion of the creation of unique content – first through blogs, then through social networks, now through communication networks like Twitter. As content creation expanded we moved from the creation of longer, “thought-through” content pieces to short status updates and quick thoughts and “like’s”. In my opinion, the biggest potential going forward lies in a smarter way of aggregating and filtering all this content, especially on a local level. Sites like Techmeme (for tech news) and outside.in (for local news in the US) have done a pretty good job of aggregating different content sites. Friend feeds help us discover and filter the content generated by our friends. But the real deal would be for me a site that aggregates content, real-time information (like Twitter or status updates) and friends’ content in one place and develops filtering algorithms that bring the most important content and conversations for a certain topic to the top. Anybody working on something like this?

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