“Understanding Social Platforms,” now summarized in a presentation deck

By Angela, February 22, 2017

Two months ago, we published our second eBook, Understanding Social Platforms. In it, we discuss the dynamics of each social platform type: messaging, private networks, public networks, enterprise networks, and communities. We also cover important topics for social platform businesses like metrics, exits, valuations, and our outlook for future opportunities in social.

Today, we are happy to announce that this eBook is now available in slide deck form for a faster read or quick refresher for the over 2,500 of you who have already picked this up!

You can download the slide deck here. And if you’re interested in the full version of the book, it’s available as a PDF or ePub.

  • Peter Mayer

    Great deck!
    Slide 15: It is so true. I have a group of friends who use Viber, another group of friends use Telegram, another group of friends use Whatsapp, and then another one Messenger.
    I would love to use only one, it would be so much easier, however I cannot convince neither of them to make the switch. Interstingly, these group of friends are in different countries and I can see through these groups which are the successful messaging platforms in those countries. For example Viber is big in Hungary wheras Telegram is used by a lot of Argentinians.
    I think this regional fragmentation will remain unless they start acquiring each other eventually.

  • Jon Zwickel

    Thank you so very much for being so generous with your deep knowledge.

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