New investment: Indochino brings tailor-made suits from China to you

Today we announced our investment in Indochino, a website that helps people to buy a tailor-made suit directly from a professional tailor in China. Together with a few other angels, I had been invested in the company since last summer and was very impressed what the founders Kyle and Heikal built up with very little money in very little time. The investment announced today will now give the team more resources to quickly expand their service.
So what do we like about Indochino’s business model? It is its simplicity: everybody who has ever traveled to Asia knows what great deals you can get by just walking into a tailor shop in China, Thailand or Vietnam and get a suit just made for you at prices that are below most of the suits you would buy in your hometown. This is exactly the experience that Indochino now brings directly to your doorstep – Indochino sends you measuring tape and swatches (if you wish so), you measure yourself (or get measured by a tailor around the corner), you provide these measurements and chose the suit style online and two weeks later the tailor-made suit arrives at your doorstep. And it becomes even easier once you start ordering a second time (which I have done)….Congrats to closing the investment, Kyle and Heikal – and good luck with building up the business between Victoria and Shanghai!

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