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North America

Boris Wertz

Boris Wertz headshot

Boris is founding partner of Version One and one of the top tech early-stage investors in North America. Born in Germany and based in Vancouver, Boris takes a wide-angle view to find great companies all across North America: from New York and Toronto to Seattle and LA. He is a former board partner with Andreessen Horowitz and is well-respected for his uncanny ability to find the next generation of leaders.

Today, Boris is focused on crypto/web 3, climate/energy, marketplaces and SaaS, looking for the best teams who solve big problems in a unique way. As an investor and former entrepreneur, Boris knows when to push and when to ease off, while always remembering that he is an advisor, not a player.

Before becoming an investor, Boris built an online marketplace for used and out-of-print books in 1999, selling the business to where he became COO and led a team of 60 people. After was sold to Amazon, he moved into investing, first as an angel and now with Version One.

Boris finished his PhD at the Graduate School of Management (WHU), Koblenz, majoring in Business Economics & Business Management. In 2005, he was named the Pacific Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year.

San Francisco, CA

Angela Tran

Angela Tran headshot

General Partner at Version One, Angela is a native Torontonian and naturalized US citizen who calls San Francisco home. Investing in the US and Canada, she has a unique perspective on both ecosystems. An engineer by training, Angela’s desire to help others and work with people who are bringing about positive transformational change led her to the world of VC, where she has quickly made a big impact.

Today, Angela focuses on climate/energy, health/bio, AI/ML, dev tools and enterprise SaaS startups. While she loves data, she believes that good investing is both value- and data-driven.

Prior to Version One, Angela co-launched Insight Data Science, a YC-backed startup designed to help PhDs transition from academic research to careers in industry via a six-week training program. With this experience, she is uniquely poised to help startups accelerate data science as a key differentiator. She helps founders hire data scientists and grow their teams, and can be found as a data scientist in residence, working onsite at portfolio companies.

Angela received her PhD in Operations Research & Financial Engineering from the University of Toronto where she currently is a sessional lecturer. She is a trustee on the board of the Computer History Museum where she chairs the NextGen advisory committee, and a board member for the C100.

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