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Q1 2018 in Review: Portfolio News and Activities

Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a great Easter! It’s hard to believe that a whole quarter has flown by. In just the first few weeks of the new year, we saw a lot of M&A activity in our portfolio: @Mattermark (by @FullContact), @MemoAIHQ (by @coinbase), and @GoPike13 (by $ But there have been…
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Q3 2017 Round-Up: Portfolio News and Activities

Another quarter has come and gone… We continue to invest in blockchain companies and funds such as Coinbase and Metastable Capital, which join our existing crypto portfolio (Blockstack, Citizen Hex and Polychain Capital). Here’s a quick recap of our other funding announcements, portfolio news, and product updates (the things we can announce publicly): Funding…
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