Pitching day

The GROW conference has brought dozens of high-profile VC’s and super-angels to Vancouver which presents a wonderful opportunity for many local start-ups to get exposure to out-of-town investors. So today is “pitching day” jointly organized by W Media Ventures and Bootup Labs. 7 companies will take the stage: CompassEngine (location-based gaming platform), EmpireAvenue (influence stock market), Fitbrains (casual brain fitness games), Indochino (tailor-made suits over the Internet), Rival Apps (fantasy sports games), Summify (social news reader) and Weddingful (lead-gen for wedding vertical).

We are extremely excited to have over 20 investors from more than 15 funds attending the event:

  • Shawn Abbott, iNovia
  • Chris Albinson, Panaroma Capital
  • Chris Arsenault, iNovia
  • Jonas Brandon, Rogers Ventures
  • Roger Chabra, Rho Canada
  • Rob Chaplinsky, Bridgescale
  • Jeff Clavier, Softtech
  • JS Cournoyer, Founders Fuel
  • Rob Hayes, First Round Capital
  • Scott Jacobson, Madrona Venture Group
  • Paul Kedrosky
  • Anthony Lee, Altos Ventures
  • Mike Lee, Rogers Ventures
  • Jevon MacDonald, Innovacorp
  • Dave McClure, 500Startups
  • Maria Pacella, Growthworks
  • Tim Porter, Madrona Venture Group
  • Kalle Radage, BDC
  • Mike Satterfield, Yaletown Ventures
  • Aydin Senkut, Felicis
  • Jason Stoffer, Maveron
  • John Stokes, Montreal Startup / Founders Fuel

Thanks to all of you for coming – I sure hope that you will recognize that Vancouver and Western Canada are home to many exciting start-ups.

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